Fangping Mu, Robert F. Williams, Clifford J. Unkefer, Pat J. Unkefer, James R. Faeder and William S. Hlavacek (in press) Carbon fate maps for metabolic reactions. Bioinformatics

Online materials

Processing of the BioNetGen input files available here requires BioNetGen version 2.0.45_ALPHA or later. BioNetGen is free and open source software and is distributed under terms of the GPL license. The BioNetGen web site is located here. Note that access to this web site, a wiki, requires registration with a valid email address (because of spamming and vandalism). You may request a BioNetWiki account by sending email to Alternatively, you may access the site using a temporary account (u: anonymous and p: hieronymus).

To install BioNetGen, start here and follow the instructions. The instructions include a username and password that you will need to enter in a pop-up window to download the lastest distribution.

A BioNetGen tutorial is available here.