Statistical and structural analysis of 5913 protein kinase catalytic subunits:

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preprint describing quantum mechanics of phosphate transfer in cAMP-dependent protein kinase
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global human kinase alignment (fasta, old version, but 800 residues wide rather than 399 residues)
click-able dendragram, clickable structural motifs, and clickable sequence alignment are below:

site map

plant receptor-like kinases, group I

plant receptor-like kinases, group II

Sequence entropy (red) and average number of covarariation partners (green) (down is interesting in both cases!!) across 5913 protein kinases and representative kinase sequences from AGC, TK, CAMK, CMGC, STE, CK, TKL, RLKI, RLKII, and bacterial kinases

Residues in order of increasing entropy (PKA as reference) :D246 Y154 N161 K34 G251 D180 R380 D156 G182 E223 V178 L157 H146 L162 G10 F181 K158 T141 E61 A249